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In Home Personal Training

Why Choose Me?

I eliminate the top 2 excuses for not exercising - time and convenience, by coming to you!

My Training Style

  • Do you want quicker results? You can achieve that with my multi-tasking training approach emphasizing Core Strength. My clients perform multiple moves that engage various muscles during one exercise to keep the heart rate up. The benefit of this approach burns fat faster increasing your lean muscle mass.  With more overalll muscle tone, more calories are being burned even at rest. I train the average person wanting to get in shape or the avid athlete wanting to improve the efficiency of his/her sport.

portable equipment

Core Strengthening

Fear of boredom? Not in my trainings. I love being creative with workouts and changing the routine to keep muscles constantly stimulated. I give quality and safe workouts with more individualized attention. I use a variety of portable equipment and incorporate yoga, pilates, plyometrics, resistance muscle endurance activities, and short cardio bursts into workout sessions.


About Cindy and Vitality

Cindy's background

I am a triathlete, master's runner, educator and mother.

I am a veteran of the United States Air Force.

I have ran three marathons with a personal best of 3:03.

I have competed in many Olympic Distance triathlons placing in my age group.

I was voted "Female Masters Runner of the Year, 2007" in the Austin Fit Magazine.

I placed second in my age group in the 2016 Fittest Challenge Event.

I continue to run, cycle, swim and train clients despite a broken lumbar vertebrae which required major back surgery in 2011.

My motto -    "Take care of your body, it's the only one you have to live in."

Services offered

One on one fitness instruction

Individualized training plans

Nutritional Planning

Balance and Core Strengthening

Triathlon training (swim, bike &/or run)

5k, 10k and Half Marathon training

Swim lessons - all ages

Stress Management

Body Fat Testing

Goal Setting

My Rates

Private Sessions

$70-$90 /  hour

$50 / half hour

Semi Private Sessions

$60 per person / hour

$40 per person / half hour

Small Groups (4-10 participants)

$15-$25 per person / hour

Webcam / FaceTime

$60 private / hour

$40 semi private / hour

Past and Current Client Feedback

Decrease Body Fat

"I lost a total of 8% body fat. I feel good  when I  look at myself in the mirror now."

Toner 'bum'

"My husband compliments my behind  in my now size 27 jeans!"

Stronger Core

"I have not had any back aches since working with Cindy. I'm down 2 belt sizes."

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Let's get started!

Individual training or small group training In your home, workplace, neighborhood or webcam.

* Total Body Exercises

* Core Strengthening

* Muscle toning

* Flexibility

* Pilates, yoga, plyometrics

*.Cardio Circuit workouts

* Intervals

* Nutritional consultation

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